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With the arrival of the island's tourist season, there are more and more people going to the “sea fishing paradise” on some outer islands of the Zhoushan Islands. However, the corresponding problems have gradually become prominent. On July 3 and July 5, two sea fishermen died and were injured in the waters of Dongfushan Island in Putuo District, Zhoushan City.

At about 1:30 pm on July 3, the "Puhaixiu 6330" boat was sea-fishing in the north of Dongfu Mountain. During the voyage, it crossed the reef and was overturned by the waves. Three people were rescued by water. One of them died after being rescued. Two of the three were Putuo Shenjiamen. One of them was killed by waves after the fall, and the other was an East Pole. All three were fishermen.

After 9:00 pm on July 4, the Shangrao citizen of Jiangxi Province, Huang, took a kayak bought from the Internet and rowed along the reef of Dongfushan Island and fished. In the middle of the night, the waves gradually increased, and the kayak could not be controlled. It deviated from Dongfushan Island and drifted to another island reef. During the process of up and down, the front side of his neck was deflected by a reef to a length of 4 cm and 1.5. The centimeter-thick mouth was rescued by the “Jintai 58” transport ship passing through the sea area at 10 o'clock the next day, and finally sent to Putuo Hospital by the Putuo fishery ship.


On the afternoon of July 6, the reporter went to a ward on the fourth floor of the inpatient department of the hospital. He saw that Huang was lying on the hospital bed and was in good condition. The neck wound was covered with gauze. The doctor had not given him a needle. Observe after observation. He told reporters that he now opened a tea shop in Yiwu, came to Zhoushan about half a month ago, spent 10 days in Shenjiamen, bought kayaks for more than 500 yuan, and took the boat to Dongfushan Island. No one saw the fishing in the sea. I couldn’t think of it.

Resource conservation, fishermen's concerns





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这位43岁的陈倩听取了宁波的一位钓鱼朋友的讲话。他一年来到舟山30多次。他认为,与10年前相比,该岛的珊瑚礁鱼类资源仍然减少。他认为,一些当地渔民在岛礁上挖掘蜗牛,这对海洋捕捞资源造成了极大的破坏,需要赶海的海员的质量需要跟上。 “我们把垃圾从岛上带回来并把它放在船上。当我们离开岸边时,船员经常把它扔到海边。”近年来,他经常去文泰地区进行海底捕鱼,发现有些地方还有电鱼的行为,这对海洋捕捞资源更具破坏性。


他还谈到了电鱼和炸鱼。 “在公海上,报告它有时是无用的,因为执法人员到了,他们很早就逃走了。”

Zhu Jianfeng is the head of a private enterprise in Wenzhou. He has also loved Shanghai fishing for more than 10 years. He reflected that some unlicensed dinghy indiscriminate fishing is very lethal to sea fishing resources and hopes to strengthen management.

Zhang Li is a member of the Putuo Sea Fishing Association and the first batch of fishing boats in Zhoushan that hold sea fishing licenses. "But the certificate is the same, the sea fishing license is almost zero threshold now." He said that there is no document to go fishing in the sea, some people do not understand the rules of the sea fishing, the sea is definitely dangerous, there are many hidden dangers.

The reporter learned that since 2017, Zhoushan has taken the lead in legislation in the country to clarify that sea fishing must be certified. So far, the city has issued more than 9,000 sea fishing licenses. However, because the fishing boats are scattered and scattered, it is sometimes impossible to get in and out, and there is no way to check the verification.

Of course, the work of the Putuo Sea Fishing Association is still relatively standard and leading. If every member participates in insurance, all the garbage will be brought back or destroyed on the spot, and the small fish will be fished in time to release.

(At about 1:30 pm on July 3, the "Puhaixiu 6330" boat was overturned by the wave. The video copyright belongs to the original author)

The crux of the development of boat management

When interviewing industry insiders, they felt that the biggest problem in the current fishing industry was the difficulty in managing the boats for sea fishing. In this regard, Putuo has made a useful attempt. After several rectifications, a small sea boat service center was set up two years ago. The center uses the Beidou navigation system for 24-hour monitoring. The management is relatively standardized, and the accident is significantly reduced, but if the goal is achieved, It is still necessary to legislate and standardize, and at the same time establish a special system of manufacturing and testing standards.







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